How Would You Rule Your Country?

I know a lot of people who are currently really angry with the current Australian Prime Minister. They are disgusted with his behaviour and how he seemingly supports Mr. Trump. When Mr. Trump was elected, Malcolm Turnbull was one of the very few leaders who didn’t seem to object to the controversial American candidate. Since then he has quietly gone along with whatever Mr. Trump has said and done. Meanwhile, European leaders especially, have started to cry out and say how similar Mr. Trump’s actions are to that of Hitler, pre-world war two.
Now, Australian citizens, for the majority, are not very happy with how Malcolm Turnbull has decided to sit, in regards to Mr. Trump, however, they are missing a vital point. Malcolm Turnbull recently voiced to the press that if Mr. Trump were to do or say anything untoward, he would speak quietly to him, as friends would. While many Australians recoil at ‘friend’ and ‘Trump’ being in the same sentence, what they fail to realise is this: Australia is a lonely island all the way at the bottom of the world, with little to no protection. Standing up and disgracing such a powerful and dangerous leader as much of Europe is doing, is not an option. European countries have close allies to help out of a sticky situation, if one were to arise. By the time help arrived in Australia, it may be too late, since the closest nation to us is America.
So, in reality, Malcolm Turnbull may have Australia’s best interests at heart. By keeping relations cordial, he ensures a safety net for Australia, in case things do go a little haywire down the road. Although with a volatile president like Mr. Trump, I’m not sure how much good a safety net will be.
Maybe we should all just appreciate that politicians, especially now, sit on a precarious position and there are many, many rules that are too easily broken. It’s hard to understand and judge a person and their actions from so far away. We have just got to trust that our leader will do the right thing, after all they love their country as well. It’s usually the case that we see only the bad they’ve done, rather than the good. And unfortunately, sometimes to achieve a successful outcome, a few bad things have to be done as well. Before you speak, think honestly; how would you rule the country in their place?


Two Wrongs and No Rights

Racism and discrimination, even as a joke, are a form of cowardice and only serve to prove insecurity within people.

 Constantly bemoaned is the fact that racism will always maintain a prominent part of social life and how sad and horrible we are as human beings. The reason racism will always prevail in our society is because people retaliate. It doesn’t matter who started it. Human beings should not allow themselves to be suppressed by bigoted comments. Racism still exists today because many are adding fuel to the fire. You don’t need to respond to a racist comment with another racist comment. Stand your own and defend yourself and deprecate the person who disrespected you but do not attack their culture as a whole. For all its cliche`, two wrongs do not, and never will, make a right.
Of course there are those who defend their comments with ‘Oh it was just a joke, I didn’t really mean it!’  This comment is hypocritical for the simple reason that, if the tables were turned, they would not be laughing at the ‘joke’. Don’t make jokes regarding a person’s race. It doesn’t matter if you’re best friends, work colleagues or extended family. There are so many other jokes out there that are less offensiveThe funny thing about jokes? They aren’t funny to everyone and you can risk really offending people, especially if you continue to insist that it is simply a joke. Learn to accept people’s boundaries and apologize. You don’t need to defend you’re joke over someone else’s feelings. That goes with anyone about any joke regardless of race, sexuality and age.
The irony is, over the course of a few centuries, the generations living in outback Australia and America will end up having dark skin. It’s a biological adaptation that protects a person’s skin from burning under the sun. That’s all skin colour is, really. A pigmentation in a person’s chromosome. It can change with time depending on our environment or simply how close or far the sun is from Earth. Does this denote intelligence, like so many seem to think? Wouldn’t a better indication of someone’s intelligence be, for example, the kind of jokes they make. Someone who makes a racist joke, for example, wouldn’t be very smart now, would they?
In the end, whether someone is black, white  or rainbow should not be the issue. No matter what, every single race has good and bad people. It’s not the colour of someone’s skin that denotes what kind of behavioural traits they have. As soon as we start categorizing one race as inherently bad, then that is when we allow racism to prevail.